Amazon Camera Modes

Biggest redesign of visual search camera, launched in Amazon's mobile app. Customers can engage a variety of camera-based activities such as searching through visual search, barcode scanning, seeing inside their Amazon package, adding a gift card to their account, and more! I solved multiple complex problems on this release including improving image querry framing, unexpected results and awareness of capabilities and overall raised the bar in visual and interaction design.


                          COMPANY                                     ROLE                                     YEAR

                               Amazon                     IxD, UI Design, Visual Design               2016-2017


Visual Search aims to help customers better understand the world around them. The modes sheet shows the various camera features customers can engage with including Product Search, Package X-Ray, Barcode Scanner, SmileCode Scanner, AR View and Stickers.


Each mode exists to make customers more successful in achieving a particular activity like finding a product faster, getting better results, exploring the Amazon catalogue visually. The features presented in modes have significantly distinct interaction and post-recognition experience as compared to the default mode: product search.


"Amazon has your back this holiday season with their "Package X-Ray" feature."    

- Forbes

"A new “AR view” feature on Amazon‘s app lets you see how the item will look in your home before actually buying it."

- Fortune

"The latest version, updated yesterday, added something a little extra: Stickers. You know, the ones all the messaging services and social mediums are adding. Except these are stickers of actual products that you can click on to buy."

- Engadget

Explorations, Wireframes & Process


Spec Development

Group 4


Lead Designer: Andrea Zehr

A9 Design Team: Shaun Post, Mark Waldo, Rupa Chaturvedi, Peiqi Tang

All work copyright Andrea Zehr © 2017.